Which Test is right for you

Urine, Saliva & Hair Testing

Which ever method you use, be aware that in some states, point of collection drug tests (instant tests) may be prohibited, restricted or require a lab based test and MRO review before action against the donor may be taken.

Urine Drug Tests:


Urine drug tests are the cheapest, best proven and offer the most available test. Urine tests have been around for a long time, as a result they have a extensive history of being accurate and reliable. Overall the best method of testing due to low costs, and urine being the most common used drug test.

Their are two types of urine drug tests:

  • Point of collection tests, also called instant tests, come in ether cassette dip cards or cups.
  • Lab tests, urine is collected and shipped to certified labs


Urine tests are easier to adulterate than other drug tests and collections require a bathroom facility to conduct the test. Depending on the drug used the detection window is usually around 3 days with THC being detectable up to three weeks.

Saliva (Oral) Drug Tests:


Very easy to collect the specimen, it does not require bathroom facilities and can be collected in any environment. Best method to detect current use or impairment.

  • Oral tests are very difficult to adulterate since the sample is being collected under direct supervision
  • results available within minutes.
  • biggest advantage (and also biggest disadvantage) is the detection window. Drug are detectable almost immediately after use.


the biggest con for saliva testing is the length of the detection window, while oral test have the advantage of being able to detect drugs immediately after use, the window to detect drug is also the shortest, depending on the type/amount of drug used detection ranges from a few hours to 2-3 days at most.

Hair Drug Tests:


Longest window of detection of all testing methods. Hair testing can detect drug use up to 90 day. Collection is easy, and does not require a restroom. Best method to detect history of drug use.

Adulteration is much more difficult than any other testing method.


  • recent drug use is not detectable.
  • most expensive of all testing methods.
  • no instant results, all testing must be done in a lab.
  • does not always pick up light use of one time use of drugs.
  • Requires the donor to have hair, and does require quite a bit of hair which can really mess up your hair do.