Non-DOT Drug testing / Company required

We are Nationally Accredited for Administration of drug and alcohol testing programs, Why is this important? State laws vary, and sub contractors may be required to meet additional testing requirements, or you may have specific requirements in your company policy, it takes a experienced TPA to understand how these rules effects you. As your company grows or expands into new territory aTPA service should act as your agent to understand how requirements change. You shouldn't need to also be an expert on Drug and Alcohol testing, that is what we are for.

We are a member of the e-screen Collection-provider network, which include over 4,000 sites, but if no e-screen site is close to you, we can find a collection site that is. (for more information on the e-screen)

Advantages of the eScreen Provider Network include:

Thousands of nationwide collection sites for expanded coverage in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and many international collection locations.

A paperless, electronic chain-of-custody form (eCCF™) at technology-enabled locations.

15-minute negative drug test results using eScreen’s patented screening technology.

The option to create a customized collection network to meet your specific program’s needs.

Onsite employee drug testing and medical services.

Clinics that offer a comprehensive choice of services, from drug screens and BATs to physical exams, medical services, blood tests and more.

The real question comes down to service and what the employer must do, and what services the TPA provides. For example, Is the employer tasked with finding the collections sites or does the TPA help the employer in finding qualified collection facilities. Does the employer spend hours inputting data, managing pools, removing or adding employees, if so what is the point in having that TPA? Shouldn't a TPA make your life easier?

We do not change annual fees, we fail to see why any company should be charged annually simply to keep employees names in a computer database. This is especially true for owner-operators, your employees never change the TPA service never needs to do anything to maintain you account. At the same time, Larger companies do lots of drug tests. Why should a TPA charge you an annual fee for the TPA to make money from your drug tests?

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