DOT Required Drug testing/Third Party Administration (TPA)

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We are Nationally Accredited for Administration of drug and alcohol testing programs C/TPA through Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA).

Local, State, Nationwide, we have the experience to make your program a success.

Intermountain Toxicology Collections has over 20 year of managing Substance abuse programs.

4/13/2014 DOT approves use of electronic Chain of Custody. This is a major change and will result in testing being more accurate and making it easier to test employees nation wide as they will no longer be required to alter forms or wait for forms to be shipped to the collection facility. Wile no labs have been approved yet, several labs such as eScreen are currently using electronic chain of custodys and should be approved soon. Intermountain Toxicology Collection is a member of the eScreen network, if you would like more information, call us.

What is a C/TPA?

DOT: A service agent who coordinates a variety of drug and alcohol testing services for employers. These services can include random selections; preparation of annual Management Information System (MIS) reports; and coordinating urine collections, laboratory testing, MRO services, alcohol testing, and SAP evaluations. A C/TPA must ensure the services it provides comply with DOT regulations and that its service agents are qualified